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American Canine Institute’s trainers have over seventy five years of combined experience training all breeds of dogs. They are certified and trained in professional dog training. They not only teach each dog how to behave, but they teach owners and their family members how they should interact with their pet so they can be comfortable and have a well-behaved companion.

Canine Trainer Bob Vance in Fremont, CA | The American Canine Institute

Bob Vance

Master trainer and behaviorist, founder of American Canine Institute, American Canine Institute & Kennels has been training canines since 1959. He worked with several police departments establishing K-9 units for San Francisco, Vallejo, Richmond, and Antioch, from 1963 to1984. During the time from 1984 to 1996, he was a judge for Police dog trials, founder of a Diensthund club, training advisor for Pro Train in Oakland, ca. owned and operated a 100 dog guard dog service, and founded and ran American Canine Institute. Bob currently resides and operates American Canine Institute & Kennels in Winters, CA.

Canine Trainer Gene Cunningham in Fremont, CA | The American Canine Institute

Gene Cunningham

Gene began formal dog training in 1989 as an Apprentice Dog Trainer with Master Trainer and behaviorist, Robert J. Vance. Gene was certified in 1991 as a Master Dog Trainer conducting group and private classes part time for American Canine Institute & Kennels until 2006.Since 2006 Gene has been operating American Canine Institute full time, located in Fremont, CA, training dogs in Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Canine Trainer John Butcher in Fremont, CA | The American Canine Institute

John Butcher

A Certified professional dog trainer and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator joined American Canine Institute as a business partner and trainer in 2013 bringing expertise in training police K-9’s and Service dog’s. John is a retired Deputy Sheriff K-9 handler and trainer with Sacramento County. John’s passion is training and working with Service Dogs.

Canine Trainer Chuck Cunningham in Fremont, CA | The American Canine Institute

Chuck Cunningham

Chuck began training dogs in 1991 with Bob Vance. In 2006, Chuck began helping his dad by assisting with teaching dog classes early on and since 2012 teaching dog obedience classes filling in when needed. He currently conducts a group class in Mountain View, CA.

Canine Trainer Robert Gholston in Fremont, CA | The American Canine Institute

Robert Gholston

Robert is the newest member of American Canine Institute began training in 2013 as an Apprentice Dog Trainer under the guidance of Master Trainer Gene Cunningham. Robert is conducting Puppy, and Basic Obedience dog training classes in San Ramon, Livermore and Newark, CA.

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